Monday, December 17, 2007

After-Christmas Knitting

Many, many knitters are knitting away like elves in the North Pole right now. Me? Oh, I've got finals and papers. Christmas knitting just wasn't in the cards for me this year. I will, however, be working on some After-Christmas "Christmas" knitting during winter break.

Here's the list:

Child's Placket-Neck Pullover for my baby nephew
Hat for Alicia
Le Slouch for Alyssa (and one for me too!)
Convertible Mittens for Zach
Hermione Hat and Mittens for Carrie
Socks for Jenna

Most of these will be completed in January. Not a bad way to start the new year, eh? It'll be much more relaxing than Christmas knitting. (Or finals for that matter.)


PS. Glee is officially finished. Will post pictures tomorrow!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Much better.

New photo of the hat, courtesy of the boyfriend. Now you can see just how adorable it is!


PS. I'm almost done with Glee so expect some new FO photos soon!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Better than it looks.

On my birthday, I purchased a lovely purple winter coat. The only problem with this coat is the lack of hats/scarves that would match with it. So, I made this:

Pattern: Robin's Egg Blue Hat by Rachel Iufer
Yarn: Laines du Nord Korall (1.5 skeins used)
Needles: Size 10

I knit the hat very quickly. It fit perfectly and I was quite in love with it. That is, until I realized I needed to block it. And somewhere in my mind, I thought "I think this might expand during block and become unwearable." Well, I took my chances and it happened. My inner voice is super smart.

The hat got ripped back to the seed stitch, more stitches were bound off, and the hat reknit. And voila! It a was back to its perfect fit and adorableness.

Of course, I wanted to take a nice picture of it. But somehow, I just couldn't get a good picture. Maybe I'll make the boyfriend take pictures for me? Well, in the mean time this will do. Just remember: It's a lot better than it looks.


Thursday, December 6, 2007


Look at my Christmas socks!

Pattern: Candy Cane Socks (from
Yarn: Tinsel Toes by The Unique Sheep
Colorway: Traditions

These are going by very fast. I love the pattern and the colors. The yarn is...umm...not my favorite. It tends to untwist itself. If I didn't have exams, I'd probably be on the second sock now. I'd like them finished by Christmas (since, ya know, they are Christmas socks) but that might not happen. I'm in DC until the 22nd of December, finishing up finals and papers. Ugh.

But we'll see. Maybe there will be Christmas magic or something.


PS. I copied the Yarn Harlot's famous "Socks in Snow" pictures. It snowed last night, a very odd occurence for DC weather in December. It's mostly melted away now though. (sigh)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cure for the Itch

As it's November, and November is about to end, I had to buy some November sock yarn. I've figured some plan to ease my yarn hunger pains where I buy new sock yarn each month and in an attempt to avoid buying larger quantities. So far, I'm not sure it's working the way I planned...but I'm going to keep it up simply because it's fun.

So, today, I bought some Neighborhood Fiber Co.'s sock yarn in the Kalaroma Park colorway. I've actually been stalking this yarn. I've walked in and out of the yarn shop without buying it. Today though, today I just could resist.

The last time I bought sock yarn was in October for my Harvest Sock Pal's Synthesia socks. Which are, by the way, coming along nicely.

This picture doesn't do the colors justice. It's full of fall colors, beautiful oranges, brown, reds, greens and so on. I'll have it finished right after Thanksgiving. I have everything done for the swap except to buy one more little gift and finish the sock.

My fingers are getting very itchy these past few days. I'd really like to throw caution to the wind and just knit all day. Forget about papers and LSATs and such, and just knit.

Sometimes, I'm sure Ravelry is the best thing to ever happen to me. Sometimes, I'm afraid if its powers. My queue list is never-ending. And it keeps growing. Right now, I'm dying to knit Lady Eleanor from Scarf style. I saw a lady wearing hers at brunch this morning is Alexandria. I was staring at it so much to be on the verge of being rude, but I just couldn't help myself. And then my fingers started itching and the boyfriend had to take me to the yarn shop so I could figure out what color of Noro Silk Garden I'd like to ask for as a Christmas present.


I decided on number 244.


Monday, November 12, 2007

FO: Twinkle Hoodie

Voila! C'est un "hoodie."

Took me long enough to finish this darn thing. Okay, well part of that had to do with lack of time and lack of buttons. Finding large brown buttons in Washington, DC is impossible. Finding them online is nearly impossible. Especially because I'm a completely A-type and could not compromise. This hoodie could've gone unfinished for YEARS just so I could find the right buttons. Thankfully, that didn't happen.

Pattern: Twinkle Hoodie
Yarn: Classic Elite Alaska (50% wool, 50% alpaca)

Mods: I knit the medium sleeves with the large body. It turned out much larger than I had initially wanted. I actually enjoy that it's big. I won't wear it out much but it's just what I wanted to curling up on the sofa on a cold day. It's really warm and soft and lovely. Overall, a success. I might knit myself another, smaller version in a bright color.


Thursday, November 1, 2007

These are the things I'd like to do when the semester ends:

1) Rejoin my knitting group. It's rather sad that I can no longer participate in the group I actually started. All because of school. I miss it terribly.

2) Finish Glee. That sweater is sitting in a pile to my right, mocking me. I'd like to have it done in time to actually wear it while its cold.

3) Learn to spin. The spinning kit I received from Dotty (my Monkey swap pal) has a place of prominence among the yarn in the corner. It beckons to me.

4) Organize the stash. Even with the limited space of dorm room, the stash continues to grow. It has its own plastic tub (filled to the brim) and corner. And when I get new yarn, I just sit it atop the ever-growing pile. Something must be done. Obviously, I cannot buy LESS yarn. That's ridiculous. I just need to stash it better. (PS, My small bookshelves are used as WIP storage too...)

5) Knit. Just plain knit until my fingers bleed. The day after I take my LSATs I intend to have a 24-hour knitting marathon. This "knitting on the metro when I have time" stuff just isn't satisfying the knitting urge. I need more! I am, in my head, already forming a list of items to knit during the winter break. And with a easier load during the spring semester, I could actually have time to knit to my heart's content.

Now all I need to do is survive Nov. and Dec. (sigh)


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Eight Things

I've been tagged by Laura!

Once tagged, you must link to the person who tagged you. Then post the rules before your list, and list 8 random things about yourself. At the end of the post, you must tag and link to 8 other people, visit their sites, and leave a comment letting them know they’ve been tagged.

One: When I eat cereal, I have to push all the cereal flakes under the milk before I eat them. It's a must. Not for any particular reason other than I've deemed it necessary.

Two: My plans for the future include having a pug, a dachsund, and a few kittens (one of which will be a purebred Maine Coon).

Three: I'm a fan of the short story. In fact, I'd rather read a collection of short stories than a novel.

Four: I knit on the Metro, but only when I'm able to sit by myself. I can't stand it when people stare or try to make conversation about it.

Five: I love a fresh pair of socks. It's probably one of the best things in the world.

Six: I'm an amateur photographer. I almost never have time to shoot anymore, but when I's amazing, I swear.

Seven: I'm in love with Mat Pilates. It's the perfect exercise for me. I can't stand cardio. (Ew.)

Eight: I collect movie stubs. Religiously. I have some from 1996.

I do believe I will tag the following peoples: Becca, Kara, Rachel, Dotty, Carolyn, Margaux, and my two Secret Sock Pals (I'll inform them of their tagging later on...)


Monday, October 15, 2007

Thank you Paula!

I finally was able to go get my Harvest Sock Swap package this morning.

Harvest Sock Swap

My lovely pal was Paula. She sent me two bars of soap, stickers, the pretty pouch, mood stitch markers, the Autumn Leaves pattern, and of course, my Harvest sock (Loksins) and the rest of the hand-dyed sock yarn.


I can't wait to get started on my other Loksin. (After I finish all my swap socks...)

Thank you Paula!


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Progress (finally.)

One finished Monkey sock for my pal. No fear. I've got two weeks to finish another one. If I didn't have school, or work, or the LSAT, I would've had these shipped out faster.

Monkey Sock Pal

My Harvest Sock package has arrived! I haven't been able to pick it up yet though. (sigh) I will tomorrow. And I will share some loverly pictures of my new sock and goodies. I can't wait!

I love swap. When I'm finished with school, I'm going to do a million of them. Haha.


Thursday, October 11, 2007


There are so many 'fests in October. Oktoberfest, Tocktoberfest, and of course, Socktoberfest.

I have really been celebrating socks so much as spending all my time on socks. I'm attempting to finished up the Monkey Sock Swap. I'm almost done with Sock #1 and will knit Sock #2 as fast as I can. Right now, it's being worked on the DC Metro system and when I have time inbetween classes.

I'm also preparing for the Harvest Sock Swap. I received my pal awhile ago, and when in NC this past weekend, I found the perfect sock yarn. It's Cherry Tree Hill is colorway Cabin Fever.

Perfect for fall socks. And I've gotten one goodie for my pal so far.

By the way, my pal just let me know she's already sending my package. How lazy do I feel??? My pal won't get hers until Nov. but thank god, I only have to knit one sock, so it should be early November.

It's a cool windy day here in DC and I'm wearing my first Monkeys. I'm looking forward to knitting myself a pair of socks soon...which isn't too far off. The way the Harvest Sock Swap works, I'll receive one finished sock, a pattern, and the rest of the yarn. I'm pretty darn excited.

Once my LSAT course is over, and school is winding down, I'm just going to spend a few days knitting like mad. Maybe I'll even finish Glee, aka the Forever and a Day sweater.

Let's hope so.


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Packing the Alpaca

I'm feeling a bit pressured. In academia. And in knitting too.

I've got a lot of work due in the next two months and I have so many items I want to knit. There's a paper due on Monday, two short stories to write, and the Monkey socks to finish. And honestly, no time. I'm feeling a bit worn out. But just 7 more weeks and I'm going home to NC this weekend. Taking a breather before plunging myself back into life.

I did find myself having a couple hours today to work on the Twinkle Hoodie. I haven't posted about it because it's one of those projects that you aren't quite sure how'll turn out. But it's been coming along very well. It's just ugly to photograph in all WIP stages. (One of my roommates asked what I was making in the beginning. She couldn't figure it out. Haha.) But, it's almost finished. I only need to finished the front edge ribbing and weave in the ends. Oh, and find some huge buttons.

I've got a nice long train ride home tomorrow and I'm going to make the most of it. The hoodie is coming with me (hence the title since it's 50% alpaca), finished or unfinished, simply so I might have something warm to wear on the cold train. And so I can compare the buttons I find to see if they match. I'll finish and block it while I'm home. And wear it back on the train. Good plan, yes?

Monkey socks are going to need to be worked on this weekend as well. Might just sit with the TV and my cat at my mom's house and knit away.

Hopefully, I can relax and still manage to get work done.


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

C.H.O.K.E. strikes again...

I had never really thought my roommate could be a C.H.O.K.E. (Cultural Humiliation of Knitters Everywhere) operative. My roommate would, for the most part, ignore my knitting. Occasionally she would ask a question, seemingly interested in what I was doing. I had never heard a negative word about knitting out of her mouth...until last night.

I'm having a bit of trouble writing down exactly what she said. Not because I don't remember it, but because I remember it all too well. And it's shocking. You might want to have a seat.

Here is the following selection of our conversation gone awry:

Roommate: I'm going to go have a cigarette and then go straight to bed.
Me: (In reference to smoking) Shame, shame.
Roommate: Well, at least I'm not doing anything as boring and antisocial as knitting.

Let's just have a pause, shall we? Because I think we all need a moment to gasp and quite a few moments to understand the full remark. I am not surprised that a CHOKE operative called knitting "boring" and "antisocial." These are their normal tactics. But they have, with my roommate's help, reached a new low. She actually compared knitting to smoking and reached the conclusion that smoking is a better activity. (Time for another pause. Remember to breathe.)

Knitting is a less attractive activity than smoking? For a second, we'll put aside that the facts that knitting is more productive, knitting isn't chemically addictive, knitting doesn't leave a terrible smell in your hair or clothes, and knitting isn't banned in all Washington, DC bars and restaurants. Instead, I'm going to focus on the fact that I've yet to hear of the negative health affects of knitting. No one has ever coughed up phlegm because of knitting. No one has ever gotten cancer from knitting. No one has ever DIED from knitting.

And while I told my roommate that I have more friends because I knit, that I enjoy being productive, that it's relaxing, and moreover that it won't eventually cause my death...She ignored all of this and accused me of spending my time "making sweaters and socks."

Which personally, I'm not sure that's a bad thing. And I would definitely be happier knitting until I'm eighty, instead of dying at sixty or younger of lung cancer.

But maybe that's just me.


Monday, October 1, 2007

Monkey Goodness

It's good to be spoiled...The package from my Monkey Swap Pal arrived today and just look at all my goodies!

First of all, the package was just a cute as can be with all the Cheeky Monkey wrapping paper.

And here are my gifts!

There are two very cool notebooks, a cute little stuffed monkey holding so gorgeous stitch markers, a t-shirt to sleep in, a money pouch with a fat monkey (love fat animals, you know), the German Stocking pattern, the most beautiful yarn I've ever seen, and a "learn to spin" kit.

And, of course, my Monkey socks, which fit perfectly.

Thank you, Dotty!


Thursday, September 27, 2007

21 years and counting...

So, yesterday was my birthday. Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes! And a special thanks to everyone who helped me out yesterday (Mom, Dad, Marianne, the nice policeman, the loverly friends, and the boyfriend).

To fill everyone else in on what happened...My wallet was stolen yesterday. In a moment of not being careful, I turned away from my purse to mess with my iPod in the Foggy Bottom metro station yesterday and some creep just reached in and took my entire wallet. I lost a good amount of birthday money, all my credit cards, and the absolute worst license. The money was replaced by the giver (Thank you again, Marianne!) and the cards were all cancelled (most of which were not activated so he couldn't use them anyhow. But, my license, my dear proof that I am in fact 21 years old, was taken away from me forever. Which meant I couldn't do anything I had planned that night and I can't celebrate how I wanted to on Friday.

It's okay though. Things could be far worse. The bastard could have tried to use my cards and run up huge bills or I could have put more money in the wallet. So it's okay, really. I was bummed all of yesterday and cried a lot, but I'll just have to celebrate my birthday when I get my replacement license in a week or so.

I still had a legal drink though, thanks to the server at Macaroni Grill who felt sorry for me and accepted my expired passport as proof of age. What was my first drink? A Heineken. Tasty. Haha.

Okay, that's all. No knitting news for now. Just working on some socks and finishing a hoodie. I'll post about those later on.


Friday, September 21, 2007

Yarn Harlot (Hurray!)

Last night, Becca and I went to the meet the Yarn Harlot. We arrived approx. two hours early to the bookstore and plenty of knitters had already arrived. It felt good to be around my sort of people. Knitters are the best. Seriously. Love all the clicking needles, all the balls of yarn, all the conversation, and being able to say something the non-knitters would find confusing such as "Feel my wool."

The Yarn Harlot is, as everybody has said, incredibly funny and nice in person. She talked for about and hour and a half. Some parts had me rolling on the floor with laughter. And then, I met her. Which is awesome. I brought the first socks for her to see (as they wouldn't have been made without her insistence that socks are the perfect item to knit, which sparked my Sock Fever) and she called me "another damn over-achiever." That, admittedly, felt good to hear, like a pat on the back for a job well done. She said some other funny comments about the sexual references to "Touch my monkey." and suggested my next project be a car.

Overall, I went to bed smiling. Happiness achieved.

(I did take a picture with her and when Becca gets it to me, I shall post it. It's pretty fab because she's holding the first socks.)


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Off to Boston

Off to Boston
Originally uploaded by seejennknit
The birthday socks for Carrie were wrapped in tissue paper in a lovely box this morning and are now enjoying the ride up to their new home in Boston.

I hope these fit her well. They weren't the best knit, but they are definitely the best FO I've ever had. The lace and cabling is gorgeous. I'll be happy to repeat the pattern for my own pair of Twisted Flower socks.

Socks really are amazing to knit. I can't help but feel like an all-powerful being as I turn the heel. I mean, really, it's unbelievable. I can't believe I was ever against knitting socks. I clearly was delusional.

But it's okay. I'm sane now.


Friday, September 14, 2007

Strange things happen in Mississippi

This picture would be my dad, his new wife, and oh yeah, Morgan Freeman. They just happened to be in Mississippi at the same time and apparently some of my dad's business partners are the same at Mr. Freeman's. Strange. So very strange.

In knitting, the socks are almost finished. I'm actually ahead of schedule and will be taking some resting time, then finish the socks on Sunday. It's been a whirlwind. When I've finished, I will have knit these babies in 9 days.

Oy vey.


Monday, September 10, 2007

Killing Me Softly

Originally uploaded by seejennknit
It's not that I don't love the pattern, or the yarn, or the knitting of socks in general...but for some reason, these socks are killing me.

Mostly because Carrie's birthday is the 20th, and knitting these babies isn't going so fast. So, I'm marathon knitting. Without proper training.

When I finished with the first, instead of feeling excitement and pride, I felt tired and scared of the second...but it's okay. I have from today to next Monday to finish. Then block and mail.

And go back to knitting for fun...

But for now, back to the sweatshop..


Friday, September 7, 2007

I'm on Ravelry!!!!

Holy moly!

I made it!

I'm never leaving my computer again!

Friend me! I'm delovely.

Holy moly!


Wednesday, September 5, 2007

September is for Socks

Yesterday's classes went very well. I only had a Forensic Science class (for my Criminal Justice minor) and a Cardio Conditioning (ie. Aerobics) class. Forensics was very interesting and I like my professor. Cardio kicked my ass because she (the peppy, hyper leader named Ginger) decided to "test" us on how many push-ups/sit ups/other things we could do. Just murdered me.

Today, I had my Mat Pilates course in the morning, then spent some time with some yarn. My Louet Gems from the Loopy Ewe came in today. I already adore the Loopy Ewe and Louet Gems. It's gorgeous yarn. I bought color Shamrock for my Monkey Sock Pal and Burgundy for Carrie's socks. I want to keep it all...

I'm casting on for both the Monkey and Twisted Flower (for Carrie) socks today. I need to get Carrie's done first as her birthday is the 20th. (I know...I should have planned earlier.)

Mmmk...I'm off to another class. Just two more today. Yays!


Monday, September 3, 2007

The Last First Day

Tomorrow is officially the beginning of the end. It's the last first day of college. I'm excited because I'm so close to be done. But I'm sad because I'm so close to being done.

September is one of my favorite times of the year. I'm one of those people who get a high off of attending school. I don't know what it is. The first day is always the best and then the love slowly dwindles until Oct. when midterms begin.

Not to mention, (but really, let's mention) September is my birthmonth!!! Yes, in a mere 23 days I will be celebrating my 21st birthday. I'm pretty darn excited! I'm the last of my friends to turn 21, so it will be nice to finally go out with them for a happy hour drink.

Okay, I'm going to bed. My first class isn't until 12:45pm but I'm already feeling tired. Mostly because I rearranged my stash. I never thought I'd have much of staff due to limited space and limited budget....but it just keeps growing. And with all that yarn from's becoming quite sizable for a new knitter. Damn the powers of yarn!



PS. I went back to the sale on Sunday and scored some Twinkle Cruise at 70% off. Sweetness.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Stash Enhancement

My LYS, Knit Happens, had a H-U-G-E sale this weekend. The wonderful boyfriend took me there today at 10:30am and there were many, many knitters there and the yarn was dwindling. Still, I came away with some lovely purchases:

GGH Solitaire (11) intended for the Titled Duster from Interweave Knits
Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk DK (11 in green, 11 in white) intended for the Somewhat Cowl and Wheat Ear Cable Yoke Sweater
Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere (9) intended for the Summertime Tunic
Jaeger Aqua (7) for perhaps Cherry, but who knows
King Tut Cotton (5) with no intentions

All of this would normally have cost me about $530 before taxes. But thanks to it being 70% off, I only spent $160.

Life is good.


Thursday, August 30, 2007


In late June, my dad told me he had a girlfriend. Wait, a "special lady friend" as he insisted on calling her.

Yesterday, he informed me he is marrying said "special lady friend" (SLF) on Sept. 8th. Apparently, they've been dating for a year but he didn't want to tell me because it might be "seem sudden."

Let's look at this timeline, shall we?

Late June - Dad has a SLF.
Late August - Dad is engaged to SLF.
Early September - Dad will be married to SLF.

Well, gosh, if you want something to "not seem sudden" that's really not the best way to go about it, eh? (I'm rolling my eyes over here.) I doesn't really matter to me anyways. I'm just perplexed at his reasoning.

On the woolly side of things, some Ella Rae Classic came in today and I'm not sure what I'd like to do with it yet. But I have many, many options.

The gifts and yarn for my Monkey Sock Pal have all been purchased and are patiently awaiting for me to actually knit the darn Monkeys. I just need the Cookie A. pattern as well.

I've actually made a list of things to get at the yarn shop sale. And it keeps growing...And I still need to ask my boyfriend if he'll take me. He will, of course, because he loves me. And obviously, if a boy continues to be willing to stand around in a yarn shop for you, it's love. (He's been putting up with my insane list of yarn supplies for my upcoming birthday and will soon accept that he will never get me a "normal" present ever again.)



Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Would you like some S.E.X.?

Sock Blockers
Originally uploaded by seejennknit
These are my gorgeous, lovely, delish sock blockers from Leggy Creations. I just couldn't help but purchase them...

Speaking of purchases, the LYS is having a sale this weekend! So, I think I'll ask the sweet, caring boyfriend to drive me there on Saturday morning. I think I'll ask him if he'd like to have some S.E.X. and let him believe what he wants to believe, and he'll unknowingly agreed to another yarn store trip. I'm wily like that.

Also, I've ordered some sock yarn for my Monkey Pal and some yarn for Carrie's birthday present. I'm waiting for the Loopy Ewe to restock the Cookie A. Patterns. I'll be getting the Twisted Flower one for my pal and ordering a wee bit more sock yarn for myself. I haven't decided what kind of socks to make Carrie yet.

Oh well. I'll figure it out.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Monkey Business

Originally uploaded by seejennknit
Here are my completed Monkey socks! Blocked and ready for wear! I finished them before I headed off to the Most Magical Place on Earth, but didn't have a chance for a photoshoot.

By the way, my vacation was amazing. We went to all the parks. My favorite by far was the Animal Kingdom.

I knit a lot on vacation as well. Between some downtime in the evening and waits at the airport, I added a few inches to Glee...then I had to rip it all back. I made a careless math error and increased way more than I should have. Oh well, I'll focus on it this week and put the socks away.



Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Off and Away

By tomorrow afternoon, I'll be enjoying the magic that is Disneyworld.

In case you wonder were I've gone...

For the flights, I've decided to try to bring my dpn's on the plane. I've finished my Monkey socks (first socks!) and blocked them (with gorgeous blockers from Leggy Creations). I would take a picture but I'm currently missing my internet connection at home (I'm at work now). So that will be done when I get back.

But for now, I've cast on some new socks, following the Shimmer sock pattern from Magknits (modified for top down). And tonight, I hope to learn toe up so I can begin my very own pair of what I hope will be knee-high Orchid socks. We'll see how that goes.

I wonder when I'll even have time for all of this. School is starting soon. I didn't realize until today just how soon. In a little over a week. Crazy. Between classes, internship, friends and boyfriend, I'll have to find the time to complete the following:

Shimmer socks
Orchid socks
Monkey Sock Swap socks
Socks for Carrie's birthday
Harvest Swap socks
Wheat Ear Cable Yoke Pullover
Fetching gloves

Yes, that's my list. For now...good gracious, I'm ambitious.

See you when I get back!


Monday, August 20, 2007

For my MSP

Shepherd Sock Yarn
Originally uploaded by seejennknit
This is the yarn I've purchased to knit Monkey socks for my Monkey Sock Pal. Isn't it beautiful? It's Shepherd Sock yarn in colorway Tahoe. I'm very tempted to go back to my LYS to get myself some.

I'm very excited about the swap! I'm looking for monkey items for my pal. think I'll head over to the Chocolate Moose (a very cute store here in DC) to look for something today. But I've found a few adorable items online too...Just have to wait and see what I can find!

I'm almost done with my first pair of Monkeys as well. I think I could probably finish them tonight. And my size 19 needles came in so I can begin the Twinkle hoodie.

All is well in the land of knitting.


Well, sadly I found nothing at the Chocolate Moose. They had a lack of monkey-related items. But it's okay. I went to another store and found what I needed. Then I ordered another item online. All I need to do now is order sock yarn and a Cookie A. pattern!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Monkey Sock Swap

It just seems appropriate that I should join this swap. Afterall, Monkey is my first pair of socks! Sign ups are open until August 31st, so you can still join if you'd like!

Monkey Sock Swap Questionnaire

The basics:
Do you consider yourself a beginning sock knitter, an intermediate, or have you been doing this so long you could probably knit a pair in your sleep? Definitely a beginner. But I'm learning quite fast.

The measurements:
Shoe Size: 7.5-8 US
Foot circumference: 8 inches
Foot length: 9 inches

Yarn Preferences:
What colors do you love? Green is my favorite color. Blues, teals, turquoise, etc are all good. Yellow, dark reds, and purples are excellent as well.
Do you prefer solids or variegated? I'd prefer a solid this time around.
Do you prefer wool, cotton or acrylic yarn? Wool. Winter is coming and my feet need the warmth.
What colors would you never wear? ORANGE. Uck. Bright "stop sign" red. Neon colors.
What are your favorite brands of yarn? For socks? Well, I've only tried Cherry Tree Hill so far. But I've bought some Fleece Artist for socks as well.
Are there any new brands you would like to try? I'm curious about Louet Gems and Regia Silk.

Cookie A. Patterns:
Which of her patterns have you already knit?
I've knit Monkey and I plan on knitting Hedera soon.

Which pattern(s) would you like to knit and don’t already own?
I salivate over the German Stockings. Gothic Spires and Twisted Flower also have my heart.

Other pertinent information:
Would you be willing to have an international Monkey Pal or do you prefer one in the US?
I'd prefer a US pal, but if you need to pair me with an international pal, that's fine too.

Do you have any allergies? Not at all.

Will your knitting be exposed to smoke or animals?
I don't smoke and unfortunately, I don't have any animals. (sigh) I live in a dorm afterall.

Are you on Ravelry yet? If you don’t mind having new friends, what is your Ravelry name?
2,243 people are ahead of me in line. If this changes, I'll let you know.

I can't wait to get started!


Good Morning

Originally uploaded by seejennknit
Mmm...nothing like some 50% wool/50% alpaca yarn in the morning. ::sip, sip::

This delicious yarn (Classic Elite Alaska in color Latte) will be used for the Twinkle Hoodie. I had to order size 19 needles and they should arrive soon. Then I can start. I knit up a swatch with 17's and this yarn is just perfect. It's so soft and warm. I can't wait!

I was in a really great mood yesterday, enjoying my new Mac computer and admiring my sock...and then I called my mom to thank her again for the new computer (which is not the one in the picture). Bad news. She went to the dentist recently and they found a mass in her throat in her x-rays. Now she has to go in for a biopsy. I'm very scared and very upset. I wish I wasn't at school and I could go home to be with her.

But I'm trying now not to think about it. I'm making myself focus on happier things, like knitting and yarn.

Oh! Other good thing, I have myself an internship for the fall. Pretty much the day after I complained about everything, I got an offer. So really, I should just complain about everything and it will all turn out fine. Yes?


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Monkeying Around

Originally uploaded by seejennknit
One Monkey sock finished! I think it's a pretty good first sock. (Right?) I knit it in Cherry Tree Hill supersock in colorway Peacock. I actually like how it's stripey and then the color pools at the heel and gusset.

Now I've got to go knit the other one...


Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Today has not been good.

This week has not been good.

I was sick Monday and Tuesday.

I've also had two interviews for fall interships and I'm beginning to feel like I will never be hired. No one is ever going to hire me.

So all I want to do is go home and knit. I am, by the way, knitting my first sock. Well, what could possibly be my first sock if I don't screw it up too badly. I couldn't just do any sock too. I had to do Monkey from Yeah, I know. I never pick the easy way.

Currently, I'm just frustrated by not getting internships. I've had three total interviews and I doubt I'll get called back for any of them. And it sucks. I'm a good worker and I have marketable skills. But no one wants me.

Ugh. Double ugh.


Friday, August 3, 2007

Have you seen this?!?


I want to go! I want to go!

But I doubt I could ever a) afford it and b) find someone to come with me. It's just too expensive. About $1400. And no one I know would care to go. Bleh.

In other news, Glee is coming along super fast. I've been knitting so much in the past few days that my arms are sore...but I don't stop. I can't stop. I want to get the complete body done by the end of next week. Then sleeves. I wanted long sleeves at first, but now I'm thinking 3/4 ones would like nice. I also doubt I'll do the hook and eye closures since I'm a busty gal. It just might not look right on me.

I told my knitting group I was doing a sweater. Gwen said "Oh, that's pretty advanced for a beginner."
"I'm an adventurous beginner." I told her.

And it's true. Though Glee has no waist shaping, I'm modifying it. Pretty scary when you're just beginning. I'm attempting to be careful to decrease with my body measurements. The instructions would instruct me to knit 32" the entire way to the end of my waist, but I'm 30" at the narrowest part of my waist. I don't want 2 extra inches floating around my body. So, I'm decreasing to this point, knitting this circumference until I hit my lower waist, then increasing to fit my curvy features (like my, ahem, caboose).

Hopefully, I'll have the majority of that finished this evening and I'll take a picture to show my progress.

Yippee! (Also, please God, let this work 'cause I really don't want to frog...)


Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I need socks.

I need to knit a pair of socks.

My life could possibly end if I don't knit a pair of socks soon.

But...the yarn embargo hasn't ended. Thank god I'm broke, or else I'd be up to my ears in sock yarn and dpn's.



Monday, July 30, 2007

A Few Small Minutes post a bit.

I finished HP 7. It was glorious. Truly amazing. JK Rowling did so much with those 7 books, put in so many little hints, tied them all up in a neat little bow. Well, not so neat. I'm still wondering about the epilogue. It didn't explain as much as I had hoped. But, it's okay. The epic tale of Harry Potter is complete. I feel a little sad. I think I'd like to reread the whole thing, from beginning to end. Just to grasp the scope of it all.

Also, finally back to knitting. The sweater came with me to Savannah this weekend. (I was there for business). I checked the bag it was in at the airport though. I just couldn't handle TSA telling me to leave my needles behind...Grr. The sweater didn't care of Savannah. Said it was too hot to be knit there. So I worked on it while I enjoyed some television (which I hardly ever do) with myself propped up in the comfiest of beds at the hotel.

Savannah was quite lovely though. Bloody hot. But pretty. The river was gorgeous. And food was good. The picture up there, by the way, is me in front of the Lady and Sons, Paula Deen's restaurant. I swear to you, it was the best food I have ever eaten. Miss Deen is amazing. She's my favorite on the Food Network.

That's all for now. As soon as I finish the first part of the sweater, I mean to try it on and take a few pics. Then back to knitting. Ya know, like always.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

So Little Time

I haven't really been knitting this week. For several reasons:

1) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is currently occupying my time.

2) I love my boyfriend and so I spend time with him instead of with the knitting.

I think the lack of attention my current project, the Glee sweater from zephyr, is receiving caused it to be very mad at me. I was increasing and knitting during my Monday night knitting group and paused to count the sides, and one side was off by one. I doubt I forgot to increase on just one side. I'm rather sure the sweater did it by itself. It's own personal payback.

But I'm still going to ignore the sweater, especially after this bad behavior, to finish the book. I'm more than halfway through. Then back to knitting. And back to posting.

Oh, I got a caricature of myself done at King's Dominion last Sunday. I need to put it up since I'm knitting in it. It's just too big for my scanner. I'll have to play around with it.

Oh well.


Friday, July 20, 2007

Y is for Yarn, T is for Talk

As I type this I am surrounded by new yarn and eating PB&J. (No worries. I am keeping those two apart. No peanutty yarn for me!)

My shipment from WEBS came in. And I possibly need more Classic Elite Alaska. I had bought it for another project, a gift project. But I seriously need it for myself now. I have to have it. It must be made into the Twinkle hoodie. It wants to made into the Twinkle hoodie. The yarn has spoken and I am merely obeying.

Also, the Jaeger extra fine merino in the lovely plum color wants to be made into a delish sweater or hoodie. It speaks too. In fact, all my new yarn is very, very vocal.

The Alaska is the creamiest color with the perfect 50/50 blend of wool and alpaca. It says it will keep me warm in the fall and winter. I believe it.

I definitely believe it.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Well, I lied.

On two matters.

First, no finished object pic of Harry Potter scarf. I finished in before I left but only had the crappy digi camera at home. I thought maybe I'd get one with Carrie's camera but just forgot. It's okay though. She loved the scarf and her mother gave me the best compliment: "It looks so professional!"

Second, the yarn embargo ended this morning for a brief period. And now will be reinstated until September. There was some yarn on discount that I just couldn't pass up... I bought Classic Elite Alaska in a yummy color called Latte. And some Jaeger merino wool in baby blue (for a baby cardigan) and pretty purple for a yet-to-determined project.

In the meanwhile, I'm getting antsy. I started my Glee sweater. And I'd like a smaller project to carry about with me, like a sock or mittens. As soon as some of the yarn I ordered before the first embargo gets here (hopefully tomorrow, please oh knitting gods?) I will begin on Le Slouch and the Fetching gloves.

By the way, I just attempted to get to but apparently the government web browser has labeled it a "Malicious Web Site." No lie.

I'm going to confess right now my growing obsession with knitting a sock. I have discussed with my knitting group how I don't believe sock knitting is the best use of yarn. This is based solely on the idea that socks wear out. Sweater, scarves, hats, mittens, etc. can last for years. Socks have a lifespan. And I have never been one to spend money on that which will not last.

But I am tempted to knit myself a pair of cozy socks for the fall. Maybe a few pairs of long socks for the blistery winter days. I keep seeing these sock yarns in such beautiful colors. I walked by some at a yarn store a few weeks ago and it whispered to me! "Come make me into a sock. You know you want to." So one day soon (or Sept.), I'll buy some sock yarn and try it out.

Seeking socks but still on embargo,

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Accio Scarf!

Here I am modeling the scarf right after getting it off the needles.

The scarf is currently pinned to my floor (with towel and garbage bag underneath) blocking away.

It was a good length when finished, but I wanted it less wide and more length. The ones on the movies are still wide but very long. So, in that picture it must be 65 inches long, without fringe. And 9-10 inches wide.

As it blocks, I've stretched it to 80 inches (so it will be approx. 95 with fringe) and 7.5 inches wide. It looks quite smashing. I'll be sure to take a picture of it before I leave for Boston tomorrow or hopefully get one of Carrie wearing it.

Ah, good day. :)

Ps. I look like a cross between Harry and Hermione in that photo. Just realized.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Stripes, stripes, and more stripes.

Well, I haven't bought a single skein of yarn. Nor purchased a pattern. Or needles. Or anything. And while I know the embargo has only been going for 2 or so days, I'm dying over here. I wanted so badly to purchase Hermione's cable and bobble hat and mittens. But...(sigh) I refrained.

But things are okay, even with my impulse yarn buying chomping at the bit. I have yarn on its way (bought BEFORE said embargo) and yarn books (ditto) coming to me as well. Why, just today I received the Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques by Nancie M. Wiseman. I love it. No more searching the internet for finishing tips. It's al(most) in one tiny book with pretty color photos.

Also being mailed to me at this moment are:
Domiknitrix, Fitted Knits, and Knitting Without Tears. Sweeet.

As well at yarn...some lovely yarrrrnnn.

In other news: I'M ALMOST DONE WITH THE HARRY POTTER SCARF! Yes! I have forsaken sleep and work, and now I am on my 17th stripe! Which, by the way, I believe I will be knitting 19 stripes and then running to the LYS during lunch tomorrow for extra dark yarn for the fringe. I'm hoping to get all the stripes done by tomorrow morning, block it before work and fringe it afterwards. Hopefully, I can get a picture of the intended recepient wearing it this weekend.

Ah, good stuff.


Monday, July 9, 2007

It's Magical!

Well, it's a crappy photo. But the scarf looks nice! It hasn't even been a week since I frogged the first version of the scarf and already I'm on my 8th stripe. I think I'll only have 17 stripes. The pattern says 19 but I'm not sure I can get it done in time for my visit to Boston. I have to, afterall, block it and then add the fringe. Tonight, I hope to get three more stripes done. Then I just need 6 more to finish, which is 2 per day until Friday. Then I can block it and add fringe either before my flight or while I'm at the airport. Sounds good? Let's hope I can manage it!

By the way, from this day forth I cannot buy any more knitting supplies unless they are desperately needed for a project. That means, no more yarn books, needles, notions, and certainly no more yarn. I've got everything I need (except for some dpn's in certain sizes) to begin enough projects to keep me happy for the next year. I think I'll end this embargo in September to buy myself a birthday present. Then back to the embargo until I've finished all the projects I've bought yarn for so far.

Speaking of what I've bought yarn for...I've got 6 skeins of Laines du Nord Dolly Maxi at $4.20 coming to me for three projects: Le Slouch (from, Fetching gloves (from, and maybe a simple hat to go with the gloves.

Then I've got all I need for the Wicked and Glee sweaters (Zephyr) and the Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds cardigan ( And if that's not enough, I've still got items from the first list that I need to get to work on.

So, I'm set. And should stop spending money. Because I'll be poor in September. (sigh).


Friday, July 6, 2007

It croaked.

Well, I had to rip back the Harry Potter scarf. I was on my third stripe and realized that the scarf was too wide. It was 13 inches wide, which is one damn wide scarf. I can't believe I didn't realize it till the 3rd stripe. Those circular needles can be so deceiving!

Anyways, I frogged it yesterday then began anew. Now it's only 9 inches wide and I'm on my third stripe again. Yay!

Also...the booties are finished!!! I'll post pictures on Monday.


Tuesday, July 3, 2007

And so it begins...

Well, the baby booties are still unfinished. I was too busy this weekend but I've been slowly getting them done during lunch breaks. I just need to seam one and then weave in all the strands. Then, I'll have my first finished object!

Until then though, I've cast on my Harry Potter scarf (in Gryffindor colors, of course). I knit a little of it during my "knitting breaks" at work. Normally, I pull out my knitting when I'm staring at the newsletter layout and trying to rearrange it in my head. Somehow, knitting gives my mind just enough time off to figure things out subconsciously.

Oh, and check out my sheep point protectors...Cute! (Baaaahhhh....)


Friday, June 29, 2007

the Saga of the Booties

Remember those easy, quick knit booties? Well, they turned into a monster of nylon. It's my fault, really. I read the chart wrong and then refused to accept the work needed to be frog...and so my first bootie became a lopsided mess.

I can honestly say the whole thing depressed me. My first finished objects was a complete and utter disaster. And so I wept. Okay, I didn't cry. But I thought about giving up.

Then, after much thought, I decided the booties deserved a second chance, that I could not let my failure stay a failure. So, shaking my knitting needles wildly in the air, I proclaimed to the booties "I will not let you shake me! I will not let you beat me!"

And started the process once more. I cast on at 9:15am.

By 12:00, I have my first bootie "square."

By 3:30 (mind you, I went to eat lunch during this process), I had two booties "squares."

By 4:00, they had been through preliminary seaming.
By 5:30, I had my first finished bootie!

There isn't much left on the other one. Just need to do the ribbing and finish seaming. If I had the stamina, I'd finish it before I have dinner plans at 8pm. But, I think I've done good work for today. I'm pretty proud of myself.

They are rather adorable. The yarn, however, was an issue. It turned out that the reasons I bought the yarn, soft and fuzzy, became the big issues, slides off needles too easily and can't see the seams correctly. The finishing job is pretty sucky. But the fuzziness makes it difficult to see just how bad it is. And now, I'm back to loving the booties because of their soft and fuzzy ways.



Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Happiness comes in boxes

Today was like my birthday only way, way better. (Well, we'll see if this stays true after my 21st.)

Why? Because today I received three packages with the following items:
A Namaste Executive knitting bag in turquoise
A few new bundles of yarn, including all I need for the Harry Potter scarf
A Boye Needlemaster to fulfill my circular needle needs
A Boye Crochet master to fulfill..well, you get it

Everything is lovely. Just lovely. I bought the bag on Ebay for about $10 cheaper than in store (that includes with shipping). And the Boye sets were only $40 for both. The yarn was all on sale, of course, from WEBS. Though I am a tad afraid I didn't purchase enough RYC Soft Lux (in clover) for a certain project... I don't know whether to wait to see if I did...or buy another ball.

I've taken a break from the BBBB blanket to knit the Baby Booties from Holiday Knits. I'll post pictures later, but they are coming along VERY well. I've learned how to bind off knitwise and was surprised to discover I know three ways to cast on. I should be done with them by the weekend. They are such a fast knit!

Well, that's all.


Sunday, June 24, 2007

In the S'th

Well, I just returned from a visit to my hometown in High Point, NC. My boyfriend and I drove down on Friday and returned this evening. I dragged him to some local yarn stores and the Hobby Lobby for knitting supplies. It's much cheaper than here! And more yarn... He even bought me a ball of yarn for my 3AM Cable Hat! It's Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK in a lovely green color. A boy that buys me yarn? Ah, he's a keeper. :)

Also, got more needles, including a 12" circular cable for smaller projects and some much needed notions. Knitting supplies at Hobby Lobby were 50% off. It was lovely. And some yummy blue Plymouth Oh My! yarn for the baby booties/hat.

I found a used copy of Knitting Rules! by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee too. She's very funny and she gives great advice. The only problem is that she makes certain projects seem impossible, such as sweaters. She basically says knitting a sweater correctly is all about luck and most of the ones you make are going to be crap. Plus, the chapter on gauge can be summed up in "Gauge is important, but honestly, you'll never get it right. Good luck!" Other than making me afraid of sweaters, it's a good, humorous book.

I alternated reading the book with Stitch N' Bitch, which makes all tough projects seem easy. So the fear diminished as I alternated reading material.

And lastly, I'm trying to start a knitting group in DC. There are already some, but I'd just rather try to start a new one of preferably girls my age. I've posted of Craiglist and gotten some responses. Let's hope this works out well.

Now 'scuse me while I fall asleep. Zzzz.


Friday, June 22, 2007

Mmm...more yarn.

I've spent a lot of money on yarn recently. I guess I'm piling up my stash. I'll see a project I'd like to do and search for a yarn for it. If I find something on sale, it becomes mine. Like the Berocco Air yarn for the Georgiana scarf, on sale for $4.

And today, I walked to Georgetown to Stitch DC. I was super-excited to go, but discovered they have a really small selection of yarn, especially compared to Knit Happens in Alexandria (which truly is "the happy place"). I didn't get anything, but I spied a lovely mohair blend for when I'm advanced enough to attempt the Candy cardigan from

Then I came home and bought more yarn online. I got the Plymouth yarn for my next project, a Harry Potter scarf, and some sale yarn for other various projects.

Speaking of projects, here are the ones I will attempt this year:
Big Bad Baby Blanket
Harry Potter scarf
Georgiana scarf
Persephone scarf
3AM Hat
Baby booties and matching hat
and three sweaters, two from, and one from Stitch n' Bitch.

I guess I'll update on where I am on this list in the next month. We'll see how far I can get...


Thursday, June 21, 2007

the Unfinished BBBB

Okay, here are the pictures of my unfinished BBBB in Caron Simply Soft. I've been knitting it since the second week of June. Not bad for such little time, yes? I don't get to knit too often. It'll probably take me until August to finish by I'm hoping for mid-July. I've got two nice 6 hours car trips this weekend, so I think I can get a lot finished.
Mmmk. That's all.
Jenn :)

Okay, Let's Begin

So, I'm a new knitter.

And like many new knitters, I feel a bit overwhelmed by "advanced" knitters. The ones who make patterns as much as they breathe, and with the same amount of difficulty at breathing. I haven't come upon anyone like me in these blogs, someone who got into the game late and is just finding their footing. So, I thought a blog from a new knitter might be burst of fresh air. At least, you can mock me as I learn everything.

I learned to knit in late May through the Stitch N' Bitch book, which is a good book, but I have a hard time learning without being shown. Then I signed up for an intro knitting course for June and it's been very helpful to work on a project with someone to guide me. I've been knitting the Big Bad Baby Blanket for my pregnant sister-in-law, Katie. It's in this very pretty light, creamy yellow yarn. I've made some mistakes already but it's going well.

But I'm impatient. So I've already been searching for projects for after the blanket (or a quick knit during the blanket for a little break). I've structured it so each new project teaches me a new skills, such a knitting in the round or cables. Yes, I'm a geek who enjoys planning ahead like this.

Well, that's the lowdown for now. I'll start working on this blog at the beginning of next week and maybe post some pictures of the BBBB in progress!