Monday, October 1, 2007

Monkey Goodness

It's good to be spoiled...The package from my Monkey Swap Pal arrived today and just look at all my goodies!

First of all, the package was just a cute as can be with all the Cheeky Monkey wrapping paper.

And here are my gifts!

There are two very cool notebooks, a cute little stuffed monkey holding so gorgeous stitch markers, a t-shirt to sleep in, a money pouch with a fat monkey (love fat animals, you know), the German Stocking pattern, the most beautiful yarn I've ever seen, and a "learn to spin" kit.

And, of course, my Monkey socks, which fit perfectly.

Thank you, Dotty!



Kara said...

ooh, lucky girl!

Carolyn said...

Wow! That's a lot of stuff!

Dotty said...

I am sooo glad the socks fit ok. You have to thank my sister for finding that nightshirt.

And now, I can stop lurking around your blog posting comments as 'secret pal'.

Tikkunknitter said...

Glad to know someone else share my monkey-madness. Looks like there will be many terrific projects coming down the pike. I'm working on sock monkey slippers/clogs for the sons and nieces ... someday I'll knit a sock monkey with all my Kureyon scraps.