Thursday, June 21, 2007

Okay, Let's Begin

So, I'm a new knitter.

And like many new knitters, I feel a bit overwhelmed by "advanced" knitters. The ones who make patterns as much as they breathe, and with the same amount of difficulty at breathing. I haven't come upon anyone like me in these blogs, someone who got into the game late and is just finding their footing. So, I thought a blog from a new knitter might be burst of fresh air. At least, you can mock me as I learn everything.

I learned to knit in late May through the Stitch N' Bitch book, which is a good book, but I have a hard time learning without being shown. Then I signed up for an intro knitting course for June and it's been very helpful to work on a project with someone to guide me. I've been knitting the Big Bad Baby Blanket for my pregnant sister-in-law, Katie. It's in this very pretty light, creamy yellow yarn. I've made some mistakes already but it's going well.

But I'm impatient. So I've already been searching for projects for after the blanket (or a quick knit during the blanket for a little break). I've structured it so each new project teaches me a new skills, such a knitting in the round or cables. Yes, I'm a geek who enjoys planning ahead like this.

Well, that's the lowdown for now. I'll start working on this blog at the beginning of next week and maybe post some pictures of the BBBB in progress!


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