Sunday, June 24, 2007

In the S'th

Well, I just returned from a visit to my hometown in High Point, NC. My boyfriend and I drove down on Friday and returned this evening. I dragged him to some local yarn stores and the Hobby Lobby for knitting supplies. It's much cheaper than here! And more yarn... He even bought me a ball of yarn for my 3AM Cable Hat! It's Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK in a lovely green color. A boy that buys me yarn? Ah, he's a keeper. :)

Also, got more needles, including a 12" circular cable for smaller projects and some much needed notions. Knitting supplies at Hobby Lobby were 50% off. It was lovely. And some yummy blue Plymouth Oh My! yarn for the baby booties/hat.

I found a used copy of Knitting Rules! by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee too. She's very funny and she gives great advice. The only problem is that she makes certain projects seem impossible, such as sweaters. She basically says knitting a sweater correctly is all about luck and most of the ones you make are going to be crap. Plus, the chapter on gauge can be summed up in "Gauge is important, but honestly, you'll never get it right. Good luck!" Other than making me afraid of sweaters, it's a good, humorous book.

I alternated reading the book with Stitch N' Bitch, which makes all tough projects seem easy. So the fear diminished as I alternated reading material.

And lastly, I'm trying to start a knitting group in DC. There are already some, but I'd just rather try to start a new one of preferably girls my age. I've posted of Craiglist and gotten some responses. Let's hope this works out well.

Now 'scuse me while I fall asleep. Zzzz.


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