Monday, August 20, 2007

For my MSP

Shepherd Sock Yarn
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This is the yarn I've purchased to knit Monkey socks for my Monkey Sock Pal. Isn't it beautiful? It's Shepherd Sock yarn in colorway Tahoe. I'm very tempted to go back to my LYS to get myself some.

I'm very excited about the swap! I'm looking for monkey items for my pal. think I'll head over to the Chocolate Moose (a very cute store here in DC) to look for something today. But I've found a few adorable items online too...Just have to wait and see what I can find!

I'm almost done with my first pair of Monkeys as well. I think I could probably finish them tonight. And my size 19 needles came in so I can begin the Twinkle hoodie.

All is well in the land of knitting.


Well, sadly I found nothing at the Chocolate Moose. They had a lack of monkey-related items. But it's okay. I went to another store and found what I needed. Then I ordered another item online. All I need to do now is order sock yarn and a Cookie A. pattern!

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Laura said...

YAY another monkey swapper from dc!