Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Well, I lied.

On two matters.

First, no finished object pic of Harry Potter scarf. I finished in before I left but only had the crappy digi camera at home. I thought maybe I'd get one with Carrie's camera but just forgot. It's okay though. She loved the scarf and her mother gave me the best compliment: "It looks so professional!"

Second, the yarn embargo ended this morning for a brief period. And now will be reinstated until September. There was some yarn on discount that I just couldn't pass up... I bought Classic Elite Alaska in a yummy color called Latte. And some Jaeger merino wool in baby blue (for a baby cardigan) and pretty purple for a yet-to-determined project.

In the meanwhile, I'm getting antsy. I started my Glee sweater. And I'd like a smaller project to carry about with me, like a sock or mittens. As soon as some of the yarn I ordered before the first embargo gets here (hopefully tomorrow, please oh knitting gods?) I will begin on Le Slouch and the Fetching gloves.

By the way, I just attempted to get to knitty.com but apparently the government web browser has labeled it a "Malicious Web Site." No lie.

I'm going to confess right now my growing obsession with knitting a sock. I have discussed with my knitting group how I don't believe sock knitting is the best use of yarn. This is based solely on the idea that socks wear out. Sweater, scarves, hats, mittens, etc. can last for years. Socks have a lifespan. And I have never been one to spend money on that which will not last.

But I am tempted to knit myself a pair of cozy socks for the fall. Maybe a few pairs of long socks for the blistery winter days. I keep seeing these sock yarns in such beautiful colors. I walked by some at a yarn store a few weeks ago and it whispered to me! "Come make me into a sock. You know you want to." So one day soon (or Sept.), I'll buy some sock yarn and try it out.

Seeking socks but still on embargo,

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