Friday, June 29, 2007

the Saga of the Booties

Remember those easy, quick knit booties? Well, they turned into a monster of nylon. It's my fault, really. I read the chart wrong and then refused to accept the work needed to be frog...and so my first bootie became a lopsided mess.

I can honestly say the whole thing depressed me. My first finished objects was a complete and utter disaster. And so I wept. Okay, I didn't cry. But I thought about giving up.

Then, after much thought, I decided the booties deserved a second chance, that I could not let my failure stay a failure. So, shaking my knitting needles wildly in the air, I proclaimed to the booties "I will not let you shake me! I will not let you beat me!"

And started the process once more. I cast on at 9:15am.

By 12:00, I have my first bootie "square."

By 3:30 (mind you, I went to eat lunch during this process), I had two booties "squares."

By 4:00, they had been through preliminary seaming.
By 5:30, I had my first finished bootie!

There isn't much left on the other one. Just need to do the ribbing and finish seaming. If I had the stamina, I'd finish it before I have dinner plans at 8pm. But, I think I've done good work for today. I'm pretty proud of myself.

They are rather adorable. The yarn, however, was an issue. It turned out that the reasons I bought the yarn, soft and fuzzy, became the big issues, slides off needles too easily and can't see the seams correctly. The finishing job is pretty sucky. But the fuzziness makes it difficult to see just how bad it is. And now, I'm back to loving the booties because of their soft and fuzzy ways.



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