Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Happiness comes in boxes

Today was like my birthday only way, way better. (Well, we'll see if this stays true after my 21st.)

Why? Because today I received three packages with the following items:
A Namaste Executive knitting bag in turquoise
A few new bundles of yarn, including all I need for the Harry Potter scarf
A Boye Needlemaster to fulfill my circular needle needs
A Boye Crochet master to fulfill..well, you get it

Everything is lovely. Just lovely. I bought the bag on Ebay for about $10 cheaper than in store (that includes with shipping). And the Boye sets were only $40 for both. The yarn was all on sale, of course, from WEBS. Though I am a tad afraid I didn't purchase enough RYC Soft Lux (in clover) for a certain project... I don't know whether to wait to see if I did...or buy another ball.

I've taken a break from the BBBB blanket to knit the Baby Booties from Holiday Knits. I'll post pictures later, but they are coming along VERY well. I've learned how to bind off knitwise and was surprised to discover I know three ways to cast on. I should be done with them by the weekend. They are such a fast knit!

Well, that's all.


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