Saturday, May 31, 2008

In which she graduates and knits.

Well, if you wonder where I've been. Here you go.

Yes, I graduated. I've got a lovely B.A. in English and Creative Writing with a minor in Criminal Justice. And a spiffy medal from GWU's Columbian College.
That's me and my brother Jason after the graduation ceremony. I had fourteen people come up, mostly family. It was crazy, stressful, amazing and wonderful, all at the same time. 

But now all of that is over. I spent a brief week home in NC and then I drove to my new home in Alexandria, VA about a week ago. Life is strange. I live in a gorgeous townhouse, I have my car here, I wake up in the morning, wear business casual clothing and head off on the metro to my full-time job in DC. It's a complete 180 from my life two weeks ago. 

I'm still adjusting. I miss GWU, my friends and the boyfriend. But I've not no reason to complain about how my life is going. Good job, wonderful living situation, great friends, fun coworkers, amazing boyfriend. It's just going to take some time to get into the new routine.

Ah, and in the knitting world, I started and finished the Frock Camisole. It's lovely. I'll get some FO pictures up soon. Right now, I'm starting on some small projects to work on during the commute to and from work. I've got a couple of sock pairs that need finishing and I've started the Hermione Cable and Bobble hat for my friend Carrie's birthday in September. I'm getting a head start on her present this year, since last year we attempted the heavily cabled Twisted Flower socks in a two week period. Wowzers.

So, that's all for now. Hopefully there will be more pictures soon!