Wednesday, September 5, 2007

September is for Socks

Yesterday's classes went very well. I only had a Forensic Science class (for my Criminal Justice minor) and a Cardio Conditioning (ie. Aerobics) class. Forensics was very interesting and I like my professor. Cardio kicked my ass because she (the peppy, hyper leader named Ginger) decided to "test" us on how many push-ups/sit ups/other things we could do. Just murdered me.

Today, I had my Mat Pilates course in the morning, then spent some time with some yarn. My Louet Gems from the Loopy Ewe came in today. I already adore the Loopy Ewe and Louet Gems. It's gorgeous yarn. I bought color Shamrock for my Monkey Sock Pal and Burgundy for Carrie's socks. I want to keep it all...

I'm casting on for both the Monkey and Twisted Flower (for Carrie) socks today. I need to get Carrie's done first as her birthday is the 20th. (I know...I should have planned earlier.)

Mmmk...I'm off to another class. Just two more today. Yays!


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