Friday, December 14, 2007

Better than it looks.

On my birthday, I purchased a lovely purple winter coat. The only problem with this coat is the lack of hats/scarves that would match with it. So, I made this:

Pattern: Robin's Egg Blue Hat by Rachel Iufer
Yarn: Laines du Nord Korall (1.5 skeins used)
Needles: Size 10

I knit the hat very quickly. It fit perfectly and I was quite in love with it. That is, until I realized I needed to block it. And somewhere in my mind, I thought "I think this might expand during block and become unwearable." Well, I took my chances and it happened. My inner voice is super smart.

The hat got ripped back to the seed stitch, more stitches were bound off, and the hat reknit. And voila! It a was back to its perfect fit and adorableness.

Of course, I wanted to take a nice picture of it. But somehow, I just couldn't get a good picture. Maybe I'll make the boyfriend take pictures for me? Well, in the mean time this will do. Just remember: It's a lot better than it looks.



Kara said...

How could you not love that hat? It is adorable. I especially love the big button. I can see you wearing this with anything and looking fab!

Laura said...

Purple and white looks GREAT!! Good Job! And yes...that's definitely a boyfriend duty...who do you think took those pics of me in hats on ravelry?? hehehehe

laura (knittinkitties)