Thursday, August 16, 2007

Good Morning

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Mmm...nothing like some 50% wool/50% alpaca yarn in the morning. ::sip, sip::

This delicious yarn (Classic Elite Alaska in color Latte) will be used for the Twinkle Hoodie. I had to order size 19 needles and they should arrive soon. Then I can start. I knit up a swatch with 17's and this yarn is just perfect. It's so soft and warm. I can't wait!

I was in a really great mood yesterday, enjoying my new Mac computer and admiring my sock...and then I called my mom to thank her again for the new computer (which is not the one in the picture). Bad news. She went to the dentist recently and they found a mass in her throat in her x-rays. Now she has to go in for a biopsy. I'm very scared and very upset. I wish I wasn't at school and I could go home to be with her.

But I'm trying now not to think about it. I'm making myself focus on happier things, like knitting and yarn.

Oh! Other good thing, I have myself an internship for the fall. Pretty much the day after I complained about everything, I got an offer. So really, I should just complain about everything and it will all turn out fine. Yes?


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Kara said...

Sending good vibes for you mom. I hope everything goes well.