Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Holly and Finnegan

As of yesterday evening, I am a mommy to these two adorable kittens, Holly and Finnegan.

Holly is the sweetest kitten. She loves to crawl into my lap. She's a polydactyl, meaning she has an extra toe on her front paws.

Finnegan is quite the trouble-maker. But after he's done knocking over everything and destroying a roll of toilet paper, he loves nothing more than to curl up in your lap and demand your attention.

Both of them are Maine Coon mixes, adopted from a rescue group. I adore them, so happy to have these little guys with me now. Now I can get some FO pics with kittens in them too! Life is good.


Monday, August 4, 2008

Here it goes again.

I haven't been knitting again. Le sigh.

I'm not sure why. Another relationship fell apart, and while, yes, I've been nursing my broken heart, I had stopped knitting sometime in early July. Which is before the breakup.

I've been working on the Cherry cardigan and I finished the front left panel. It's rather long, despite being the measurements the pattern suggests, so I'm a tad concerned. Should I rip back a bit and shorten it? I've never knit a cardigan that needs to be seamed together, so I don't know if some of the length will disappear with seaming. Suggestions? When I hold it up to myself, it seems awfully long (and my torso is pretty average length).

Maybe if I can get this figured out it will rejuvenate my knitting spirit, yes?

Also, here's a long overdue FO shot of the Hermione Hat for Carrie. Whether I want to or not, I've got to start knitting away at the companion mittens for this project.

And in other news, there might possibly be some small furry felines in my next post. Hehe.