Thursday, December 6, 2007


Look at my Christmas socks!

Pattern: Candy Cane Socks (from
Yarn: Tinsel Toes by The Unique Sheep
Colorway: Traditions

These are going by very fast. I love the pattern and the colors. The yarn is...umm...not my favorite. It tends to untwist itself. If I didn't have exams, I'd probably be on the second sock now. I'd like them finished by Christmas (since, ya know, they are Christmas socks) but that might not happen. I'm in DC until the 22nd of December, finishing up finals and papers. Ugh.

But we'll see. Maybe there will be Christmas magic or something.


PS. I copied the Yarn Harlot's famous "Socks in Snow" pictures. It snowed last night, a very odd occurence for DC weather in December. It's mostly melted away now though. (sigh)


Dotty said...

Do you think the colours are going to twirl around the leg/foot like a candy cane?

Even if they don't, they still look great!

Courtney said...

THose are coming out really nice :-)