Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Would you like some S.E.X.?

Sock Blockers
Originally uploaded by seejennknit
These are my gorgeous, lovely, delish sock blockers from Leggy Creations. I just couldn't help but purchase them...

Speaking of purchases, the LYS is having a sale this weekend! So, I think I'll ask the sweet, caring boyfriend to drive me there on Saturday morning. I think I'll ask him if he'd like to have some S.E.X. and let him believe what he wants to believe, and he'll unknowingly agreed to another yarn store trip. I'm wily like that.

Also, I've ordered some sock yarn for my Monkey Pal and some yarn for Carrie's birthday present. I'm waiting for the Loopy Ewe to restock the Cookie A. Patterns. I'll be getting the Twisted Flower one for my pal and ordering a wee bit more sock yarn for myself. I haven't decided what kind of socks to make Carrie yet.

Oh well. I'll figure it out.



Becca said...

Those sock blockers are great! Now I want some too!!! grrrr... Too much to buy, too little time...

Secret Pal said...

That's sneaky of you. I hope you get lots of goodies at the yarn sale.