Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Packing the Alpaca

I'm feeling a bit pressured. In academia. And in knitting too.

I've got a lot of work due in the next two months and I have so many items I want to knit. There's a paper due on Monday, two short stories to write, and the Monkey socks to finish. And honestly, no time. I'm feeling a bit worn out. But just 7 more weeks and I'm going home to NC this weekend. Taking a breather before plunging myself back into life.

I did find myself having a couple hours today to work on the Twinkle Hoodie. I haven't posted about it because it's one of those projects that you aren't quite sure how'll turn out. But it's been coming along very well. It's just ugly to photograph in all WIP stages. (One of my roommates asked what I was making in the beginning. She couldn't figure it out. Haha.) But, it's almost finished. I only need to finished the front edge ribbing and weave in the ends. Oh, and find some huge buttons.

I've got a nice long train ride home tomorrow and I'm going to make the most of it. The hoodie is coming with me (hence the title since it's 50% alpaca), finished or unfinished, simply so I might have something warm to wear on the cold train. And so I can compare the buttons I find to see if they match. I'll finish and block it while I'm home. And wear it back on the train. Good plan, yes?

Monkey socks are going to need to be worked on this weekend as well. Might just sit with the TV and my cat at my mom's house and knit away.

Hopefully, I can relax and still manage to get work done.


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Carolyn said...

Good luck! I love the title for your post, btw, really funny.