Monday, July 9, 2007

It's Magical!

Well, it's a crappy photo. But the scarf looks nice! It hasn't even been a week since I frogged the first version of the scarf and already I'm on my 8th stripe. I think I'll only have 17 stripes. The pattern says 19 but I'm not sure I can get it done in time for my visit to Boston. I have to, afterall, block it and then add the fringe. Tonight, I hope to get three more stripes done. Then I just need 6 more to finish, which is 2 per day until Friday. Then I can block it and add fringe either before my flight or while I'm at the airport. Sounds good? Let's hope I can manage it!

By the way, from this day forth I cannot buy any more knitting supplies unless they are desperately needed for a project. That means, no more yarn books, needles, notions, and certainly no more yarn. I've got everything I need (except for some dpn's in certain sizes) to begin enough projects to keep me happy for the next year. I think I'll end this embargo in September to buy myself a birthday present. Then back to the embargo until I've finished all the projects I've bought yarn for so far.

Speaking of what I've bought yarn for...I've got 6 skeins of Laines du Nord Dolly Maxi at $4.20 coming to me for three projects: Le Slouch (from, Fetching gloves (from, and maybe a simple hat to go with the gloves.

Then I've got all I need for the Wicked and Glee sweaters (Zephyr) and the Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds cardigan ( And if that's not enough, I've still got items from the first list that I need to get to work on.

So, I'm set. And should stop spending money. Because I'll be poor in September. (sigh).


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