Sunday, March 9, 2008

Reasons for My Absence

1. School. February and March involved a lot of midterms and assignments. Oh the fun. 

2. Finding a job. I had a lovely time of resume rewriting and cover letter writing in February. It was all worth it when I scored an interview with my top choice law firm in early March. As of Friday, I've been offered the job and as of Monday, I'll be accepting. (Hurray!)

3. The now ex-boyfriend. Peter and I broke up. About year and a half and everything ended pretty badly. This was as of Thurs. and I'm feeling better. I was very sad, as I really did love him, but now I'm angry after everything he did to me. In really thinking about it, it's a good thing. I'm getting my post-grad life together and I can't have someone like him in it. I like to think I'm upgrading.

4. Not knitting. I've got no real excuse here. I just haven't even been knitting very much lately. I've got a hat for Alicia that's being worked on during the metro rides to work, and sometimes even then I'd rather just sit for that 15 minutes and do nothing. I don't know why. Maybe it's everything that been happening. I haven't even stepped inside of a yarn store in about a month...(until yesterday, when I went to buy my secret pal some items for the Longing for Spring swap). I need to get my "itchy" fingers back, where I'm just dying to knit.

Maybe soon.


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Becca said...

yuck! That's a ton, but I'm glad that you got a job!

Let me know if you need help apartment shopping, since I know that you were probably relying on the boy to take you places. It would be good to catch up with you!